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Monday, August 3, 2015

In the Vegetation...

If you look ahead about 50 meters, you can see the wild Ito in his natural environment.
Been slightly busy, sorry still no reported demo game.  Typhoons take all the fun out of planning a game!  But I have been a little bit productive, here are some pics of some completed things over the past 1-2 weeks.

You can probably tell my guys have a slightly darker and grittier look to them than most Ito.  This is me trying to portray returning/embarking on a mission.  They would be dirty, so I made them dirty.  Simple as that.  Hopefully they turned out ok, we will see what my local group says!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

An Objective in Sight...

So these are my 6 small objectives for scenario play.  I cut out 30mm circles out of the same plastic I mounted the rest of my terrain on, so it should be of the same make up/elevation/properties as all my other terrain; I hate mixmatching that type of stuff.  So this matches pretty well with my terrain.  How they all tie together is in the last picture at the end of this post!

Oh and the two decorations for that red and white temple that are kind of modular/can be moved to another piece of terrain's base.

Today should be a good day, the plan is to run to the local gathering center and try throw down a first real game of Bushido.  Another member of the local group has a small Yurei force, so we will be throwing down to better learn the game and to display the mechanics to others.  I will be bringing 25 rice worth of another faction(So will have two factions with 25 rice) to allow others to give it a go.
I will try to get some pics and see how it goes.  The intent is to post up a battle report later on, nothing too intense because I am still trying to figure out the format and method.  I have two rulebooks to bring with me(one the manufacturer on and the other printed and put into binders) along with all the scenarios and FAQs.
I just hope the showing of the game garners some attention and we get a couple of more people, at least 4 more together so we can run tiny little tourneys and hopefully capture the attention of more people.  I also have a hope that someone else will be interested in creating a board to run games, another 2'x2' with either fixed or modular terrain(at least partially modular).  
Anyway, here is the newest terrain pieces on the board next to the Temple.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Learning the mechanics...

Yup, no actual demo game yet, just me messing around on the board with some models to get the feel for the different aspects of the game.  I only played thru two turns, it took about 1 hour total to do it.  Plenty of reading and research while going at it but I had to call a halt to it; children, why aren't they self sufficient yet?!

So just a few pics and impressions at the end/perhaps throughout:

So here are the two lists, nothing crazy.  I figure I wouldn't be getting too far into the tactical aspect of things so much as just trying to make them run into each other and roll dice!

The board and initial deployment

A few fun shots:

So basically not much jockeying for position, mostly just a mad dash towards each other.  Something I did not realize was that on a ~24x24" board 10" is a long way for a guy to charge!  Zuba slammed into Naoko but due to shabby rolling was only able to do 4 damage.  For Naoko, she used her Ki Feat to disengage and then shoot Zuba, blinding him in the process.  

Zuba's huge movement basically distanced him from his support, so even using run I was a bit behind...  This allowed the Temple Bushi, Chiyo, and Akimoto(him first because of Impetuous) to surround and engage Zuba.  But I tell you what, all three of them were only able to do a total amount of 5 damage for that turn to the Oni.  Talk about tough and sorry rolls!!!

So a few questions...

When applying the Melee Skill Modifiers to determine dice rolled, can you ever be dropped below one dice?  Can you sit at zero and just be a sitting target?  Or did I do that wrong and the MS modifier was supposed to be applied to the actual dice roll that determines success/failure?

Anyway, hoping this weekend to get an actual demo game in with someone from the local gaming group.  Hope to throw a bat rep from it up on here and see if some interest for the LGG is generated!  Thanks!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Dear God...

So ya, back to getting into what I started nearly 5 years ago.  Sad...  Not the fact that I have been absent, it was with good reason.  But the main reason it is a bit sad is because I should of kept up with all the different things I had done over the past several years.

But all we can do is move ahead and not dwell on what we could have done, let's focus on what I am doing and what I will be doing.

So, what I have been doing...  Had a second child, moved to Alaska, then moved to now Okinawa.  The Air Force loves me and keeps me in the Pacific, not that I am really complaining.

Game-wise? I have been pretty busy with a slew of different things.  I branched off into 40k/30k, Infinity, X-Wing, Malifaux, and now I am chomping at the bit to throw some little men/women on the board in a game called Bushido.

All in all, the minis are awesome and the rules seem very well balanced.  Yes, seem.  I have yet to throw any dice on this game since I just broke out the stuff I had sitting in boxes and decided to go all in.  How did I do that?  I built terrain first.  I wanted to be able to showcase the game, and the best way to do it was to make sure I had the game shown on awesome terrain; at least awesome in my opinion right?

Anyway, here are some shots of the terrain I have built and painted over the past month or so along with a few snaps of a mini here or there(not painted, waiting for my primer to arrive).

So there it is, the activity for Bushido the past month.  I will do my damned best to update this more and try to keep it alive.  Hopefully it will get more visitors and people interested in the game!  Enjoy, next stop should be the first game showcased with unpainted minis, but once they are painted I will definitely be a busy one.

Plan is to start out with 20-25 Rice(their version of points) lists.  This can be between 5(Bakemono) to 2 models in size for the opposing forces.  I hope to just use models who are pretty basic and none too complicated mostly to try and learn the basic mechanics and get that down pat.  Hope you enjoyed the long overdue update...  Till next time!