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Saturday, August 28, 2010

And it begins...

Above is a picture of the first 1000 or so points of my Gobbo-Empire. If you notice, they are trending towards the fast moving units such as Cavalry, Fast Cavalry, and Skirmisher/Scouts. There is a Mortar present just to throw a piece of artillery in that can make the enemy reconsider sitting still.

The army has played a small handful of games, and has performed as expected. The use of a Warrior Priest is definitely of benefit, especially for the Hatred aspect. Rerolls are always nice!

I have to say the Squig-Knights with a Warbanner have proven to be the unit of the day. Always dealing out enormous amounts of damage and having no issues holding their own, even against ranked up units. Only problem is that with 8th edition out, tactics will have to change!

I will go into a tactical breakdown of my army at a later time. The why or why not of picking certain units and whatnot is a huge deal to me. I am a fluff bunny, but I also like to be a little competitive. The game is fun, but so is winning. I think a combination of competitive, fluffy, and being a good sport go a long way towards making a gaming experience one you want to relive!

First Post...

Well the first post is always the one that throws me for a loop. Let's just try to put some perspective on what type of blog this is going to be.

At this point and time this blog will be an outlet for my creative energies that I have invested into painting, modelling, and playing tabletop wargames. Specifically, I like to say that 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle will be my primary subject. Nothing says I won't deviate from this path, but overall I want to stay in that area.

Currently my efforts are being put towards assembling/converting an entire Gobbo-Empire Army. That's right, a Gobbo-Empire army. The whole premise is that we have a tribe/empire of Goblins who have adopted the ways of Man and are trained in the battlefield tactics employed by the nation of the Empire. So far everything is progressing as expected. I will be attaching pictures shortly, hopefully no one refrains from offering their ideas and comments on this path I have chosen.

I have to say that I have heard nothing but praise for my work so far, hopefully that is a continuing trend!