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Saturday, July 25, 2015

An Objective in Sight...

So these are my 6 small objectives for scenario play.  I cut out 30mm circles out of the same plastic I mounted the rest of my terrain on, so it should be of the same make up/elevation/properties as all my other terrain; I hate mixmatching that type of stuff.  So this matches pretty well with my terrain.  How they all tie together is in the last picture at the end of this post!

Oh and the two decorations for that red and white temple that are kind of modular/can be moved to another piece of terrain's base.

Today should be a good day, the plan is to run to the local gathering center and try throw down a first real game of Bushido.  Another member of the local group has a small Yurei force, so we will be throwing down to better learn the game and to display the mechanics to others.  I will be bringing 25 rice worth of another faction(So will have two factions with 25 rice) to allow others to give it a go.
I will try to get some pics and see how it goes.  The intent is to post up a battle report later on, nothing too intense because I am still trying to figure out the format and method.  I have two rulebooks to bring with me(one the manufacturer on and the other printed and put into binders) along with all the scenarios and FAQs.
I just hope the showing of the game garners some attention and we get a couple of more people, at least 4 more together so we can run tiny little tourneys and hopefully capture the attention of more people.  I also have a hope that someone else will be interested in creating a board to run games, another 2'x2' with either fixed or modular terrain(at least partially modular).  
Anyway, here is the newest terrain pieces on the board next to the Temple.

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